Thank you for the interest in our company, with locations in Union City, TN. Cape Girardeau MO. & Nashville TN. our service area covers a large portion of the central United States.

It is our goal to maintain communication during and after the repair and service process.  We want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with the products and service’s we perform for them.  We have highly skilled employees with many years of knowledge who are able to diagnose problems on site and in our facility.  It is our desire to create products and systems that will perform better and will outlast OEM.

It is our priority to provide the highest quality of workmanship available.  We believe we can provide this by joining our resources together between our family of companies to produce solutions to abnormal problems.  We can also use our collective companies to keep cost to a minimum which in turn will allow a more reasonable price for the end user. 

Here at Vaughn Electric Company, Inc., Kagmo Electric Motor Company and Tennessee Electric Motor Company, we want our customers to be running smoothly so that together we can grow and prosper together.


Colton Rinker
Electro-Mechanical Service Manager



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Phone: 731-885-3701
Toll Free: 1-800-441-3701
Fax: 731-885-7005
Shop Fax: 731-884-0028

Coverage Area

Vaughn Electric provides daily emergency services 100 miles or more from its Union City, TN facility:

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Colton Carr
Electro-Mechanical Service Technician

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Direct line: 731-592-3626

Colton Rinker
Electro-Mechanical Service Manager

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Direct line: 731-592-3374